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Welcome to the best DBZ site on the internet!!!

Hello people and welcome to my site!!! I am new to this business of websites but i will surely tr to do my best. Anyways if you wanna know about me then just check the about me page! anyways i am a great fan of DBZ! and i have to say a few things!

Mr. Toriyama, you were awesome!!!!!!!!!! Anyways people, enjoy!!!Smile

This space will be devoted to the updates!

This is the first update for this site!!!!            (14 may 2007)

check out these sections-


battle guide>>>>


other updates will be posted soon,  so keep comming back people!

OK guys, these two places for the pics will be updated by me regularly! So dont worry and keep comming back for awesome dbz pics!!!!

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Hey people, contact me if you have any questions about DBZ or about anything and be sure to get a reply within 2 days!